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About Us

We are a Proudly Canadian Company based in Ontario

.We are an online ONLY jewelry supplier.

Our Story

With the pandemic and job losses happening left and right, there was a heavy realization that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and seemingly small moments are precious. The big dreams we were chasing no longer fit and didn’t allow time to enjoy the small things that made us happy.

So we set out to create a smaller dream—one that would allow us to prioritize happiness and focus on the things we love. 

We are LOVERS of everything HANDMADE.  We found ourselves constantly buying handmade jewelry over the years. We noticed there wasn't a one stop shop for handmade jewelry. With the world shifting to online ordering we decided to dive head first into this and sourced out our first batch of products from suppliers. (Mainly stuff I liked...hehe) 

The rest was history. We now carry over 100 items and we are constantly adding new items monthly. 

Our small dream came to life as we built a brand doing something we enjoyed, with people we loved.
We now source out beautiful handmade jewelry from every corner of the world.

We aim to be a middle man between the jewelry maker and the purchaser. This allows the artists to focus more on creating verses selling/marketing.